Virginia O. Roeder MA, MFA

My paintings are about color and geometry.

As a child I was intrigued by the subtle colors of the feathers of birds and the leaves of the trees.  Later, when I was in graduate school, I recognized that I was thinking more about the colors than the objects.  I became an abstract painter. I am particularly fascinated by how our eyes can see a small line of color in a vast space. 

In addition to color, I have always liked geometry. About a decade ago, while looking out over the runway at the airport in Maui, Hawaii, I was fascinated by the visual tension between the man-made lines and the ocean and sky beyond. My paintings began to lean towards landscape.  Viewing the earth from an airplane reduces the ground to pattern of geometric shapes and lines which often duplicate man-made patterns.

Color is reflected light.  Daylight is the most complex form of light.  It is always changing depending on the time of day, weather, locality or season.  Thus, the colors of the landscape are always changing.

I like to travel and to walk.  On these journeys, I am always aware of the colors of light and the shapes and patterns of landscape.